• 1961

    Huaxi Village founded
  • 1987

    Jiangsu Huaxi Group Corporation founded

    When China began opening up to the outside world in the early 1980s,  Huaxi was ready.

  • 1999

    In 1999, Huaxi was the first commune to be listed on China’s stock exchange.
  • 2005

    Huaxi Shares start to enter the financial industry

  • 2015.8

    V-Capital founded. Supporting Chinese enterprises with transformation and upgrading by M&A or other strategic cooperative methods,  sculpturing the art of investment globally

    We invest globally based on the demands of our clients. We also deliver strategic advice and solutions to Chinese public corporations, private enterprises, and other institutions.

  • 2016

     China Venture·Top 100 China's best private equity investment institutions in 2016 (Ranked 36)
    China Venture·Top 50 China's best Chinese private equity investment institutions in 2016 (Ranked 23)

  • 2016

    China Venture·Top 10China's best Mezzanine Fund in 2016

    Since the corporation establishment , we have been widely recognized in the industry and won numerous awards.
  • 2016

    Tang Weiqing was appraised as the Person of the Year 2016 by Hurun Report (Top 50 )
  • 2017

    Tang Weiqing was appraised as the economic leading talent in Shanghai by the Shanghai Government
  • 2017.12

    Our buyout fund size has reached $1.5 billion dollars.

    We build and maintain strong relationships with our partners and have already built up JVs or partnership funds with clients.

  • 2017.12

    Zero2IPO ·Top 30 China's New Equity Investment Institutions in 2017

  • 2018.2

    The Capital·Top 100 China's Best Private Equity Investor in 2017

    The Capital·Top 10 M&A funds of China's Private Equity Investor  in 2017
  • 2018.4

    China Venture·Top 100 China's Best Private Equity Investor in 2017(Rank 44)
    China Venture·Top 50 China's Best Chinese Private Equity Investor in 2017(Rank 30)
  • 2018.09

    China Venture 2017-2018 China's best investment institution for the education industry
  • 2018.12

    China Equity Investment Fund Association·2018 China Private Equity Investors (Top 20)
  • 2019.01

    ChinaVenture “2018 China Private Equity Investing Organization Top100” 

     “2018 China Top Ten M&A Investment Institutions”

  • 2019.07

    ChinaVenture“2018-2019 China Top 10 M&A Investment Institutions”

    2018-2019 Top10 China's best investment institution for the biomedical industry
  • 2019.09

    ChinaVenture · "2018-2019 Top10 China's best investment institution for the education industry"
  • 2019.12

    Zero2IPO · "Top 50 private equity institutions in China in 2019"
    China-FOF · "Top 30 of China's best private equity investment funds in 2019"
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